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[Each DOT is color coded and designed for a specific energy field.]



How to Obtain the Maximum Benefit from engeryDOTs


Personal wearable technology!

A variety of products were produced to create options that would ensure the wearable technologies would be offered in a form that supports the ability to have the bioDOT / bioTAG / bioCLIP / bioBAND around you 24/7 to obtain the maximum benefit.



Technologies for Electronics!

smartDOTs and energyDOTs can be purchase in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs.  They can be purchase in the following configurations:

  • Special Offer includes 4 full sets of smartDOTs for 4 devices, a FREE bioDOT and aquaDOT

  • Value Packages  ̶  The smartDOTs options includes a combination of 2 full sets of smartDOTs for 2 devices.

  • Starter Packages  ̶  Provides a wearable technology (bioDOT) to make the body stronger to withstand the EMF assault the immunes system must manage everyday.  This option includes a set of smartDOTs for your cell phone / tablet / Wi-Fi Router / etc.

  • Individual Packages  ̶  offered as individual adhesive DOTs that can be adhered to devices.

Deluxe Products

  • Sterling Silver Pendants  ̶  Higher quality pendants with bioDOTs embedded (great gifts).

  • spacePYRAMIDs   ̶  Used to reenergize living and office spaces.


Scroll down to view each option


The various packages are designed to meet everyone's needs.  

If you do not fully understand what your needs are, contact us and we will combine the most economical package available to ensure coverage for as many electronic devices as possible.



Special Offer  ̶  $149.95

Value Packages  ̶  $74.95 (2 devices)

Starter Packages  ̶  $59.95 (1 wearable & 1 device)

Individual Packages  ̶  $49.95 (1 device)

Adhesive backing applies to device.


Individual Package


smartDOT™  ̶  For Electronic Devices


Place both smartDOTs  on your smart phone, cordless phone, smart TV, baby monitor, computer/laptop with Wi-Fi, or any electronic equipment that utilizes a wireless network.  Use both 1 GOLD and 1 SILVER DOT on devices with Wi-Fi capacities, such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops.


Use smartDOTs package for:

Smart phones

Smart meters

Wi-Fi Routers


Computers & laptops with Wi-Fi

Electronics using 4G networks

Smart TVs

Cordless phones* & baby monitors*

Bluetooth headsets*

    * Use the gold DOT on base station / sending unit and the gray DOT on the handset or receiver



Special Offer: Includes a FREE bioDOT and aquaDOT


4 Full sets of smartDOTs     $149.95 (a $74.95 savings)

The ultimate survival package for all electronic!

(Includes DOTs for 4 phones/devices, 1 bioDOT, & 1 aquaDOT)



Value Package: includes 2 full sets of smartDOTs

2 Full sets of smartDOTs      $74.95 (a $24.95 savings)



Individual Packages (Adhesive DOTs for 1 device)

1 set of smartDOTs     $49.95  ̶  (use both on smart devices)


Starter Packages $59.95 ($109.90 value)

Includes a bioDOT to cover both yourself,

and smartDOTs your electronic devices.


(Starter Packages include a personal wearable  bioDOT already embedded in the

bioTAG, bioCLIP, or bioBAND and includes 1 set of smartDOTs)

$49.95 Savings


bioTAG®  ̶  Starter Packages $59.95    ($49.95 savings)

  • Includes the bioDOT embedded in the bioTAG for you to wear or keep near you to strengthen and harmonize your energy field.

  • Includes smartDOTs  ̶  For your smart phone or wireless devices (best value).

The bioTAG is an attractive and really handy way to wear your bioDOT. It can be added to a chain to be worn around your neck, or it can be secured in a second through a belt hook for guys or around a bra strap for girls.  It is available in white, gray, pink or blue.

$59.95  Color selections:






$49.95 Savings


bioCLIP®  ̶  Starter Packages $59.95    ($49.95 savings)

  • Includes the bioDOT embedded in the bioCLIP for you to wear or keep near you to strengthen and harmonize your energy field.

  • Includes smartDOTs  ̶  For your smart phone or wireless devices (best value).

The Phi bioCLIP is an attractive and really handy way to wear your bioDOT®. A simple Phi silver logo set in white enamel in a smooth, silvery-white metal disc, it can be secured on key ring, purse, back pack, etc.  It is available in blue, pink, white, and black.

$59.95  Color selections:






$49.95 Savings

  bioBAND®  ̶  Starter Packages $59.95    ($49.95 savings)
  • Includes the bioDOT embedded in the bioTAG for you to wear or keep near you to strengthen and harmonize your energy field.

  • Includes smartDOTs  ̶  For your smart phone or wireless devices (best value).

The Phi bioBAND is an attractive and really handy way to wear your bioDOT®. The phi bioBAND incorporates a magnetic strip with the same Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology® as the bioDOT, designed to restore and rebalance your energy levels for improved vitality and well-being.  The band is made of high quality, non-toxic silicone.  They are available in gray and white.

$59.95 Color and size selections:    Gray                        White

      Small (6.3 inches / 160 mm)                   

         (child / teen / very, very small female)

  Medium (7.1 inches / 180 mm)                 

       (medium woman - USA)

     Large (7.9 inches / 200 mm)                   

       (medium man - USA)

Ex Large (8.7 inches / 220 mm)                 

       (larger man - USA)



bioDOT®  ̶  For Personal Use  ̶   Wearable Technology


Do not overlook this personal wearable technology!


The bioDOT is an optimizing DOT you can wear to strengthen and harmonize your energy field. It is designed to support the body’s unique natural rhythms and promote a strong balanced energy field. Attach it to the back of a favorite necklace or watch, wear it all the time, and take it with you everywhere.


The bioDOT is programmed with powerful resonant Phi Technology®. The natural, coherent frequencies used in this programming harmonize your biofield. They remind your biofield of its optimal functioning state, making it more coherent and resilient. It is like recharging your battery, restoring and rebalancing your energy. Good energetic integrity is the best possible means of protecting your health in electromagnetically toxic environments.


Use a bioDOT® for:


Children over 4 years of age




Value Package: includes 1 bioDOT and 1 full sets of smartDOTs

Value Package:    $74.95



Individual Package     $49.95 (with adhesive back)



babyCOMFORTER  ̶   For Babies and Children up to 6 years old $74.95

Includes smartDOTs for the baby monitor.


  babyCOMFORTER  ̶   For Children up to 6 years old

The babyCOMFORTER contains a  babyDOT® embedded in a 100% organic cotton washable pad.  The pad is 11 inches x 11 inches and neutral in color, with the flower of life embroidered in either Pink, Blue, or Green.  It is designed to be kept near children to strengthen their biofield and make them healthier to better withstand all the electromagnetic radiation in today's environment. 

Includes a set of smartDOTs for the baby monitor!

Baby monitors create a Wi-Fi system in the baby's room, which make it difficult for babies to sleep.  We recommend not using a monitor, but if there is one in the baby's room  ̶  smartDOTs are recommended (use the gold DOT on base station / sending unit and the silver DOT on the receiver /speaker).

$74.95  Color selections:







Deluxe Packages

Sterling Silver Pendant

(with a bioDOT embedded)


Encoded Pendant  ̶   For Men and Women  ̶   Sterling Silver 20" Chain

The larger Encoded PENDANT. This beautiful sterling silver pendant has a bioDOT® set into its reverse side. The silver casing is encoded with numerology calculated to support greater alignment and focus in the biofield.  It is supplied with a 20 inch silver chain. Worn by women and by men.  This the most powerful item in this product line.

    Currently unable

email us (marcus@newvoice.net) that you would like to pre-order

as we expect to have in stock July 1

Upgrade package (2 items added for the price of 1):

  • Includes an aquaDOT* to add to your pendant and smartDOTs for your smart phone.

*Adding an aquaDOT enhances the efficiency of the pendant (since our bodies are mostly liquid, the aquaDOT removes the EMF imprint from the body's liquids).

    $309.95 save $49.95


  spacePYRAMID  ̶   Largest Energy Field  ̶  Up to 300 Feet / 90 Meters


This stunning glass pyramid, modeled on the precise dimensions of the Great Pyramid is both beautiful & transformative.  A Phi-programmed spaceDOT® crafted into the heart of the pyramid powers its ability to re-energize your home or work spaces. The dimensions of the pyramid and the Seed of Life geometries engraved on the base create a powerful resonant field to transform geopathic, architectural, historical and emotional environmental imbalances up to a radius of 90 meters / 295 feet.  Read more . . .


Enjoy the positive high vibration from Phi energy all day/every day. 



Also available: as a single spaceDOT (radius 15 feet) see below.

Individual Package     $49.95 (with adhesive back)




Internet Special  ̶  20% savings on 10 items or more









$99.55 or more savings


energyDOT™  ̶  10 Devices to Harmonize All Your Spaces

Revitalize energy levels and harmonize your lifestyle and environment with an assortment of energyDOTs. Once you try one, you will want share them with your family and friends so they can also experience the benefits.

Option 1:  The standard 10 Pack energyDOT™ package includes:

4  smartDOTs

4  bioDOTs

1  aquaDOT

1  spaceDOT

Option 2: The custom 10 Packages of energyDOT™

  •  Make up your own custom package of any 10 items (packages).


    $499.50  $399.95 Internet Special save $99.55


Option 3: Send us a list of the devices you want to cover, and we will design the most economical package to meet your needs.  Send your list to: 



Other EMF Products


Reenergize Liquids


aquaDOT  ̶  For Water / Liquid Products


The aquaDOT is is versatile and multifunctional. Use it on your drinking water and liquids products with a high water content to enhance their quality Read more . . .

Use a aquaDOT® for:

All liquids


Water bottles

Water dispensers

Individual Package     $49.95 (with adhesive back)


Optional use:  Add an aquaDOT to your bioDOT to enhance its efficiency (since our bodies are mostly liquid, the aquaDOT removes the EMF imprint from the body's liquids).




Reenergize Living and Work Spaces



spaceDOT®  ̶  For Harmonizing Spaces


The spaceDOT is programmed to harmonize, clear, re-energize and balance living and work spaces.  Read more . . .

Use a spaceDOT® for:



Your personal space

Take it wherever you go


Individual Package     $49.95 (with adhesive back)

Also see the spacePYRAMID version above that goes out 295 feet in all directions.





Interviews, Videos, and Research

Discover "HOW" they work . . .

See all our Videos


Today's modern technologies and conveniences are difficult to avoid.  As such, New Voice for Health - energyDOTs offers EMF products that harmonize the body, cell phone, and electronics.  Read more . . .

   View an interview with Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D.    

   View the research:  Live Blood Analysis                Biofield Changes




New 2016 Release:  EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution - 3rd Edition

by Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D. and Marcus Plourde, Ph.D. 

New edition has 100 new pages and has been reorganized to highlight EMF symptoms and the reasons they occur.


 $19.95    $9.99  Kindle $9.98




Please contact us with any questions, as this product line is a little complicated

 and well worth the time investment to ensure you obtain the best coverage possible.



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